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Friday, July 29, 2016


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Loree / danger garden

Oh the image with all those pans! Such beauties, I couldn't get rid of a single one. Love the idea of a peach cake and the image makes it even more enticing.

Lisa at Greenbow

You are a true artist. You are also such a tease and you are making me hungry. I think your collection of tins are worthy of display space. One might be encouraged to do some baking if they were out where you could see them. Or they might as well be filled with fond memories.


I was a little worried when I read 'curvaceous' and wasn't sure where you were gong with the shape but the peaches are awesome!
I think there are plenty of other things I would get rid of before losing those interesting pans, but then I love that kind of well-made specialty stuff.


Your peach cakes look great and sound like they tasted even better. I'm a big fan of peaches. Well, all of the summer fruits like strawberries, cherries, etc. that only have a limited season are favorites. Maybe they're special because they're only really good for a brief time each year.

Linda from Each Little World

​Frank — I think you've nailed it: These tins are so heavy and well-made. Much higher quality than most of what you find today. In my former house there was great display space in the kitchen so maybe I need to figure out how to display them in this house. Make them earn their keep!​

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