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Thursday, August 04, 2016


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Jane Miller

I had never been to this area before and absolutely loved it. The garden was charming and proves you can do so much in a small space.

Loree / danger garden

I do love this look. If we ever have a deck I would do exactly the same.

Linda from Each Little World

​Jane — Before we moved to Spaight St. we went on a number of tours of neighborhoods where the lots were small. I loved her back garden; all the divisions made it seem much larger.

Lisa at Greenbow

I really like all the pots cozied together. It looks good even in your phonetos.


I love it! ...although my first impression was surprise since I couldn't figure out what had possessed you to add so many containers so quickly to your own garden :)


This garden admirably demonstrates why you should never have just a few pots.


A great idea! If we ever have a deck I'll certainly borrow this idea!

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