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Tuesday, August 02, 2016


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Interesting to read your take on Hostas as my attitude towards the genus has been shifting to more positive. I have the American Aralia racemosa, I'm quite fond of it though it doesn't have the color of 'Sun King'.

Lisa at Greenbow

Both appear to be beautiful plants. I think it is funny that you and so many other people dislike hosta flowers. There are few I don't like. You should see curly fries hosta blooms. They are so pretty, white with thin purple stripes. I love that bumble bees are usually found in those little trumpets gathering nectar. The sweet scent of the old Plantain Lilies are exceptional too. Oh well, to each their own.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — ​I do grow that old fashioned Plantain lily for the flowers. It's one of the few Hostas that I have divided many times and spread around the garden for the flowers!

Loree / danger garden

Isn't 'Sun King' a fabulous plant!? I'm so glad you've added a second. Mine is in a container, because that way I can move it around. So far it seems to be okay with that, as long as I keep it well watered.

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — ​It would be great to be able to move Sun King around but I have not had good luck overwintering plants in pots. I think that is a much easier task in your climate and with any type winter shelter like so many of you have.​

Beth @ PlantPostings

Great additions! I really like 'Sun King' surrounded by ferns! Re: the Hosta flowers--I let all of mine bloom fully before I cut them. Seeing bumblebees happily moving in and out of them is such a thrill. But I understand that they aren't the best choice for a formal garden. Congrats on your success with the new plants!


A beautiful hosta and Sun King is a favorite of mine too because that color is so amazing in shady spots! Your combination of it with the fine fern foliage in the first image of it is very special.


I hear nothing but good things about sun king. I would snap it right up if I had more shade!
I'm glad others run hot and cold with hostas. I also hate many of the blooms, but then I also dislike certain foliage effects as well. June is one I absolutely love but the friend who has it never comes through with the division I made him promise me!


I too dislike most hosta flowers, but having seen how the hummingbirds and pollinators utilize them, have decided to leave them for the fauna in my yard. Your garden looks lovely midsummer, Linda and Mark!

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