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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

It was such a delight to meet up with everyone. Ha...we did look serious listening to Roberta. I was amazed at all they do at Olbrich. I would immerse myself in this place if I lived close enough. As great as Olbrich was I was most happy about seeing your garden in person after reading about it for years. It didn't disappoint. Mark's photos do it justice. Good picture of the hatted ones.


It sounds like a fun day, and now I have more garden blogs to follow! Thank you!

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa β€” ​It does make a difference to see the gardens we read about in person. Glad it met your expectations. I love the phrase "the hatted ones." Have to figure out where I can use it.

Loree / danger garden

How fun! I am lucky to live in an area with a bunch of bloggers who get together frequently. Good to see others doing the same.


Wonderful opportunity for you and other gardeners to have a meet-up like this. Nice to put faces to blogs also.

Linda from Each Little World

/susie β€” ​I think putting faces to blogs is the best part of these events. But I have trouble remembering people's real names because I think of them and their blog as one and the same.


What fun to gather with other garden bloggers and play! Glad you enjoyed the day.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Cute post! I need to catch up with blog visits. (I had a presentation on Friday and a conference on Sunday, plus work ... anyway ...) Great coverage. We had a fun day. Thanks for inviting us to your garden--it's amazing!

Linda from Each Little World

It was fun! And thanks for the compliment.

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