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Saturday, September 17, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

Luckily the rabbits haven't ever bothered my Toad Lilies. I hope the rabbits didn't hear me say that. My hostas are the worst ever this year and I saw the garter snake several times this year. He isn't doing his job. I hope Annie didn't chase it away or worse killed it. I have Carmel Heuchera that looks similar to your Marmalade. It grows like mad.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa - I bet that Heuchera is Carmel. I move tham around and then can't remember..

rusty duck

Sounds like Cimcifuga is for me, especially given your rabbit resistant recommendation.


I love the combo of the sedum with the Japanese Forest grass. I just planted my first toad lily; I sure hope the rabbits don't find mine. Happy Bloom Day, Linda!

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