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Monday, September 12, 2016


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What a youthful 70 Mark looks! Thanks for sharing all your little vases - you will empathise with how I managed not to take any pictures at Younger Daughter's wedding earlier this year! I especially like the tall heavy vase that Mark found.


I'm sure all your guests thought the flowers lovely; they really add to a celebration.

Eliza Waters

Happy Birthday to Mark - a joyous celebration for 7 decades! Your arrangements so suit their spaces. I found it interesting that you defoliated your perilla - I wouldn't have thought of that!

Kris P

Happy birthday to your husband! You did a great job with all the vases, Linda - the contents are well-matched to the containers and the placement sets each off perfectly. My favorite is the one in your bathroom but I'm impressed by that dahlia too.


Linda, each of your vases is nicely rendered and it's fun to see glimpses of the art work in your home. Happy Birthday to Mark.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your vases are a nice addition to the party. Happy Birthday Mark. Hard to believe he is 70. I am with you in regards to the picture of Mark, it is terrific.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Happy birthday to Mark! All your vases are wonderful. I think my favorite is the Calamintha. How is the vase life with that plant? It's one of my favorite plants, but I've never tried it in a vase.

Loree / danger garden

Having flowers throughout the house during a party is such a nice touch, happy birthday Mark!

Linda from Each Little World

Beth — ​Beth I cut the Calamintha early Saturday morning and used stems that were quite full of open flowers. They are definitely fading this morning, so that's four days. But I think it would not be as obvious if they weren't the main flowers in the bouquet. I usually use them more as filler rather than the star!

Linda from Each Little World

Susie — my husband and I both have art backgrounds so we have a lot of our own art on display along with work by artist friends. A couple of times per year we change it around as we own more than we have room to display.

Linda from Each Little World

Eliza — The perilla leaves were rather shredded from the weather. Plus I decided I wanted to emphasize the green and white combo and the purple leaves would have distracted from that. I love the seedheads so I always have it growing in the garden!


No doubt your arrangements were the hit of the party! What a nice shot of Mark. Do wish him a belated happy birthday. Yours is obviously one of those May-December marriages as we know you're in your early thirties.

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