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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

Very good.
I think gardeners can't help but whine about the weather. At least I will give you a pass on that.

Beth @ PlantPostings

That was a wicked storm! Sounds like you didn't have much/any hail? We had some tiny hail, but not like in Middleton and Verona--yikes! But the wind was awful! A few branches down here, but fortunately, not much damage. I hope the next few days won't be too bad. Stay safe!

Linda from Each Little World

​Beth — We had hail but not damaging. We had to have our roof replaced maybe 6-8 years ago after a bad hail storm. No water in the basement either. So not as bad as it looked like it was going to be. But I am getting tired of rain. I had hoped to get a lot done in the garden this month and it hasn't happened.


I do complain about the rain, but then I also complain about how fast the soil tends to dry out.



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