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Friday, September 16, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

The prairie was a most interesting walk. I would love to be able to walk there in the cool of the morning. Fascinating to hear about the Rusty patch bumble bee being seen here too. I watched the documentary about it. It is wonderful that there is a place for them.
The Thai pavillion was fascinating too. I could feel the energy that was there despite so many people there. Another place that would be nice to visit in the early morning.
I have found that early morning is when I like to see many places. I enjoy the calm before the storm I guess. Unfortunately you can't be everyplace at one time.

Linda from Each Little World

At the dinner party I went to after visiting the prairie I sat across from an entomologist whose specialty was bees! So I got to share the story of our afternoon.


I do like the beauty and life of a healthy prairie and that looks like it fits the bill. For some reason I've been a fan of tall grasses all my life, so it's been nice to see them come into their own.
The tropical plantings by the Thai garden are perfect. What a change of pace that must be, and what a nice getaway!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Beautiful photos of the Arb and Olbrich, Linda. We're so fortunate to have these incredible public properties in our community. :)


I was surprised, too, to find that the only Thai pavilion in the U.S. was in Wisconsin, of all places. This part of the garden was so lovely, and it was interesting to see the contrasts with Japanese and Chinese gardens. Thanks for the extra info on the pavilions, Linda.

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