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Monday, October 31, 2016


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Simply gorgeousā™„

Lisa at Greenbow

This is a beauty. Love the china.


Masterful arrangement and use of your natural materials and beautiful china. Great happenstance to have found the china.


That jar was a great find and and what a varied mix of contents you have - is that fat pink spike really a heuchera?! Thanks for sharing

Linda from Each Little World

Cathy - The pink and white spike is Heuchera but the solid pink is Baneberry.


How lucky to find what you were looking for locally. A very pretty arrangement, I hope you will be able to repeat it for Thenksgiving.

Loree / danger garden

Excellent pairings with the china pattern, and that Hibiscus foliage, wow!

Barbara H.

I love it when the stars align and we find a wonder piece that we want - especially after we've researched and know what a good price we are getting it at. Your bouquet is lovely.

Kris P

It's wonderful when fate sees fit to reward a search like that. The china pieces are lovely together and you've selected just the right foliage and flowers to highlight them.

Amelia Grant

Love the autumnal tapestry colors and the china as well. Nothing beats a good deal on something you already want!


Great arrangement and container pairing! Hurrah for a happy find! Happy Halloween!


Love the mix of colours of the foliage along with the flowers, and your vase is very pretty Linda!

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