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Monday, October 03, 2016


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Cindy at enclos*ure

I think your arrangements are the essence of early October.


Linda, you continue to have a colorful array of elements for your vases. This is lovely. I like the smaller vases too. You have an interesting background. I agree limitations are useful in sparking creativity.

Lisa at Greenbow

Well done, well done! Those same ole flowers look mighty fine to me.


I was amaused to read your post immediately after my reply to your comments about the risk of sameness! Yes, it is a lesson to us all - and it's one of the things we have learned from this meme as we have to continue to find material week after week throughout the year. Your autumnal selections look most effective and the tricyrtis are SO pretty, not very common in UL gardens altthough it can be grown. Thnaks very much for your reassuring post, Linda

Loree / danger garden

This is a great lesson in creativity, you've shown how different results can be achieved with essentially the same players, nicely done! They're all lovely but I am particularly taken with the final version, it's autumn perfection.

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — I think part of it is the fact that I have such a collection of wood fired vases. Their tones look perfect for autumn bouquets.

Eliza Waters

"I learned the same lesson over and over: It's those limits that summon creativity. " I love that, it's so true. And your arrangements shine with your creativity!

Kris P

Lovely and very autumnal, Linda (and a good reminder that I should bring something to my book club's host later this week)! I'm one of those concerned about repeating myself but I've noticed that, if I go into the garden with no preconceived notions about what to use, the garden itself speaks to me and I come back inside with things I'd never have imagined cutting (even if Eustoma grandiflorum still seem to sneak into most of my vases). The succulents still haven't appeared in any of my vases this year but that's mainly because I've been planting those cuttings throughout the garden.


Limits summon creativity - a great lesson for many arenas. Your arrangements are all delightful and unique.


This is such an inspiring and encouraging post Linda! A good reminder that limited materials does not mean limiting the imagination. Thanks for sharing all your creations. They are all lovely! :)

Amelia Grant

Beautiful array of colors and textures - well done. I agree about summoning your creativity! Yours has clearly answered. I love the Toad Lilies and used to grow them, enjoyed seeing yours!

Linda from Each Little World

Thanks to everyone for your comments. Since the bunnies are eating my Toad Lilies faster than I can cut them and bring them indoors, I will definitely be working on my theory of "limitations" being helpful to design!

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Great texture!

Barbara H.

They are all lovely, lovely, lovely. You are a true artist, Linda.


I love how you have used the material you have. I agree that there is no need to keep finding new flowers each week; the same flowers arranged in different ways look totally different. Also if you think about it as gardeners we have a much larger range of flowers to use throughout the year, florists often have just the same range month after month.

Linda from Each Little World

Christina — ​You make a very good point that gardeners often have more available to them than florists and one that had never occurred to me before. Thanks for that insight.


I quite agree with your sentiments about limited resources enhancing creativity. If one plant is blooming constantly for weeks on end then I will use it again and again, and even though I don't get bored of them myself, I sometimes hesitate at posting the same flowers week in, week out on my blog. A good spur to use the blooms in a multitude of ways, in different vases, etc. I am sure the recipients of your beautiful vases will be most delighted.

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