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Friday, October 28, 2016


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Cindy at enclos*ure

I really enjoyed this retrospective post. What a difference painting the original yellow house grey!

Barbara H.

Oh gosh, Linda, this is a wonderful post. I started reading your blog when you wrote the his/her versions of how the garden came to be. I don't know how you were able to choose such a great photo rendering in this post from all the photos you have. I love it and I love your garden. It's amazing.

Lisa at Greenbow

Gary made a diagram of all our beds as we have been mulching like mad. He marked off the beds as we tended them. This made me want to make a diagram of our beds and I did so. Nothing in scale but it was a fun activity. I will have to post that soon.
It is such fun to see your before and afters. You pretty much had a blank space and used it to create a great garden.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — These drawings are really just visual aids not working drawings. Mark actually did a number of those and they were to scale. Not something I would ever do. I did it once with the back corner where all the perennials are planted. Next year I rearranged everything making the drawing rather worthless!


This is a great post that is helping me to mentally map your garden and place all of the gorgeous shots you've posted. What a wonderful transformation!

Kevin Garner

Great post. Love it when you zoom out so we can get a larger perspective of the garden.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

More than anything about your garden, which I admire even more having visited it (side note: I'd like to come back in autumn, but I'm guessing I missed the peak for this year), I am in awe of the planning that went into it. Having seen yesterday's post, I know that planning came from years of practice and trying things out. Seeing the design of paths on the yard makes what I experienced in person even more impressive.

Loree / danger garden

So much vision! I had to laugh at the note about the yellow color of the house, your Seal Beach Green is such an improvement. The house isn't the focus any longer, the garden is!

I also appreciate that you shared photos of the work areas, so rarely seen. People sometimes ask me about the areas I don't show, and then they don't believe me when I tell them there aren't any! Our garden isn't big enough for that. It's all in the garage.

Oh and how lucky for the neighborhood that you tend the traffic island!

rusty duck

Love this. It really shows how far you've come. It's a beautiful garden of which you should be mighty proud.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Thanks for sharing these, Linda. It's fun to see the transformation!


I really enjoyed his, it's great to see the garden develop and it's so interesting to hear the thought and processes that went into it.
I really need to get on the ball! We've been here 8 years and don't have nearly as much to show for it :)

Linda from Each Little World

D — It's always worth pointing out that Mark and I did this together which makes it easier and we don't have kids, so we had the time to do it. Those two things made a big difference.

Linda from Each Little World

​Thanks, Kevin. It's easy to get caught up in flower pix and never show them in context.

Linda from Each Little World

​Erin — Thanks for all those nice comments and the link love! This warm weather is really stretching out the fall color. Ginkgo just starting to show some yellow and some maples are done. But the Paperbark hasn't begun to turn. Have to give Mark credit for using the paths as the way to figure things out. The pond location and a central front garden both made the path concept obvious. I always emphasize to visitors that this is just lots of little gardens all put together over 20 years!

Linda from Each Little World

​Loree — I've decided there are two kinds of gardeners: Those who want their house to disappear and the garden to take center stage and those who plant flowers etc. to harmonize with their house colors. I used to think I was the later type until I really got into gardening and realized I could never have a yellow house plop in the middle of my garden!​


Linda, it is so interesting to see how you conceived and modified the garden and home. Admirable vision.

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