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Thursday, November 24, 2016


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Loree / danger garden

Your photo, as graphically pleasing as it is, seems slightly at odds with your words. Still, I appreciate both. Hope you have a warm celebration. I'm looking forward to a day with my parents, what a blessing.

Barbara H.

Sounds like a good plan!

Lisa at Greenbow

It is our duty as American Citizens to enjoy ourselves and eat plenty. Do enjoy the day. Happy Thanksgiving.

Susan Adler Sobol

Lovely thoughts for the day. Thank you Linda. Happy Thanksgiving! Susan

Beth @ PlantPostings

I hope you had a pleasant, scrumptious Thanksgiving! Personally, I ate (and am still eating) too much pie. Well, not too much for my pleasure, but too much for my waistline. But it was worth it. Now, back to the "non-Thanksgiving" time.


Great idea! I hope your thanksgiving was the best yet.

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