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Monday, November 14, 2016


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A handsome table setting and beautiful autumnal arrangement!

Lisa at Greenbow

This is the type of table setting I would love to dine at. I just love all your "stuff". We do have similar tastes in that regard. I know your visitors enjoy the efforts you make to create a delightful setting. The brick ?? vase is so unusual. The arrangement is fabulous especially for this time of year. FUN FUN.


Table centre pieces can be so difficult, your container is perfect the the foliage and flowers fit the season perfectly, lovely.


Beautiful arrangement ♥

Eliza Waters

A beautiful table setting, right out of a magazine! In the future, why not light the candles for the photo, then blow them out? It would solve having to think about photos later when you are occupied with guests. :)

Linda from Each Little World

​Eliza — Great idea to light the candles. Especially because if I really wait till later it will be dark and then trying to get the lighting right for a photo will be a problem.


Oh that is indeed perfect for a table centrepiece and you have filled it beautifully. Your candle sticks are a real curiousity!

Kris P

I love that the orange leaves echo the vibrant color of the dahlia, while the other materials ground the arrangement and invite a closer look. I love the candlesticks too.


You found lots of beauty to create the table setting.

Susan Adler Sobol

Such whimsical candlesticks! Love them!


I love all that heuchera foliage and the autumn colours - and the gorgeous dahlia! A lovely table decoration.


Those candlesticks are a treat!


I wish my table looked like yours. It's always covered with magazines and piles of washing waiting to be ironed. Sigh. I must try harder. Yours looks glorious. Thanks for sharing.

Linda from Each Little World

​Karen — most of the time we eat squeezed in at one end of the table because the rest of it is covered with stuff. In fact it looks that way at the moment, though the flowers are still in the container in the midst of the chaos.

Beth @ PlantPostings

A very nice arrangement! I always enjoy the peachy shades combined with the browns and burgundies. I suppose I should gather the last of the flowers before the big freeze this weekend.

Loree / danger garden

Beautiful table with a lovely vase and arrangement. I need to get back in the habit of setting the table when we dine with friends., it's usually such a casual affair anymore that we don't do much.

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