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Friday, November 04, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

I am always amazed at all the preparation and thought that goes into your garden. It sure shows with the beautiful garden you and Mark have created. Over the years I have looked through your Odyssey posts. I felt like I was in a Japanese garden when I finally got to visit. You have certainly achieved your goal. Isn't wonderful to know that a garden is never finished though. I am already looking forward to the changes, twists and turns of your future gardening adventures.

Linda from Each Little World

​Lisa — Thanks for those kind words. I'm so glad you got to visit as it certainly makes it easier to understand what you are looking at in various images. And you are right: it's not finished and there will be twists and turns.

A Girl In Her Garden

I love the before/after pictures. They really show how much care and planning you put into your amazing yard. You have given me many ideas (and a bit of jelousy) :)

I am wondering, how do you keep your gravel paths looking so amazing? I would love to have a zen gravel garden but I'm afraid it would end up as a mess of crabgrass.

Linda from Each Little World

There is weed barrier under the gravel and we blow the leaves off in the fall. Now and then a bit of hand weeding is required but not much.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh, I do love these before and after and "during" posts! You guys are amazing! And I truly think your diagrams are works of art that should be framed.

Barbara H.

Your garden is so amazing, as I've said many times before and expect to say many times in the future. It was great to click on each picture to enlarge it - so many more details become clear that way. Thanks for the great history of this wonderful garden.

Linda from Each Little World

Beth - Thanks! Hoping to do some garden artwork this winter.

Linda from Each Little World

Barbara - Glad you enlarged the pix. You are right that you get so much more detail.

Loree / danger garden

Beautiful and inspiring. I am amazed you have so many photos to pull from! Your testing with cardboard shapes is so smart...and that turned rectangle of grass under the deck...I love it! Finally the words "When the neighbors whose yard adjoins ours announced they were going to have a baby, we announced that we were going to have a fence" really did have me laughing out loud.


Great vision and imagination. Love seeing how this progressed.


An amazing transformation! I'm impressed by the thought and planning that you put into your garden; the incredible results speak for themselves.

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — Since it took three years to finish the project, Lizzie was a toddler by then. The gate was the last thing and for a number of weeks (months?) the gate was one of those expanding ones you use to keep little kids out of a room or from falling down the stairway.

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