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Tuesday, November 01, 2016


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Loree / danger garden

My brother refuses to plant a Palo Verde (he lives in Arizona) because of its mess, once a year when it blooms! I don't understand. Your tree is magnificent. How do you get the leaves out of the pond?

Linda from Each Little World

Loree - best practice would be to drain the pond each Fall and scoop out the goop once most of the leaves are down. Mark scoops inside the pond but he needs a strong helper to hand the buckets of slimey goop to who is outside the pond. I am not that person. And then we need an area where we can compost the pond debris. So . . . We are now doing it when we get around to it at whatever season works for us. Did it in 2014 or 15, so maybe next Spring.

Lisa at Greenbow

Love that layer of gold. I miss our Locust tree.

Casa Mariposa

Such a beautiful mess! It's like confetti. :) I hope to see you at the Garden Bloggers Fling!


I love how it transforms the entire area to a golden paradise.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh, I agree: We love our Honey Locusts (well, at least I do). They're beautiful and provide dappled shade, as you mention. And they welcome many songbirds and wildlife. Plus, we simply mow the leaves into the lawn--they're so small, they don't have to be raked, except the ones that fall on the sidewalks and the driveway. Their color is so vibrant, too!

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