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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

Can't get enough of books!! Miss Hickory looks like my kind of girl. Love those slippers.

Loree / danger garden

Miss Hickory looks to be a great read. I've been fortunate to have received a few kids books for review (ones that feature dangerous plants) or even as gifts. They can be such a treat.

Barbara H.

Oh, Linda, you took me back to my working days as a paraprofessional in the Children's Library in Portland! I don't think I've read Miss Hickory but I certainly remember the title and the book cover. There are lots of wonderful "children's books" out there in the world.

Linda from Each Little World

Barbara — ​I taught art at an elementary school for 3 years and started reading YA lit and buying children's book back then. Now I am de-accessioning many of my books as baby show gifts. I have two librarian friends and we all love books in general and often share the latest and best in children's books. I used get Mark a children's book for Christmas for a number of years based on the type of illustrations. Often ones with woodcuts since that was his main medium for many years.

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