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Sunday, December 04, 2016


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Barbara H.

You got snow and we finally got rain! Beautiful raindrops that kept falling and falling. Very happy.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your garden looks like a winter wonderland. I always love that first snow. The hush. The wind. The warm feeling of being inside watching the accumulation with a hot beverage in hand. Yes, winter has arrived. Rain here all day Sunday. Muddy dog feet. Not pretty. Gloomy.

Loree / danger garden

9 degrees? Oh that sounds cold...

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — ​The good news is that the ground is still not frozen and is warm enough that the snow that came down after we cleaned the driveway has all melted and the streets are also clear. I can take cold as long as I have roads that aren't icy.


Beautiful! Oh how I wish our snow event (a little dusting that soon melted) was more significant. You know, enough to have a snow day...

Linda from Each Little World

Peter — ​A snowy day here and there would be perfect​.


Wow, so different from the little world outside my own window.

Beautiful! Stay warm.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yes, suddenly it's winter. I heard Madison broke a record for snowfall on Sunday at 5.7 inches. I'm sure we had that much here in McFarland. But most of it melted today. The single digits are going to be so hard to take!

Linda from Each Little World

​Beth — We didn't get quite that much but it was great to have clean streets by the next day. And I am dreading those temps.

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