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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


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A lovely, if cold, vision from your kitchen window. Here we are complaining about the coming week's predicted lows in the mid 20's which is about as cold as we get. Four degrees? Yikes! It's a dry cold, right?

Lisa at Greenbow

4Degrees is just too cold.
The crabapple tree is gorgeous. I agree that it should not be removed.


That is a beautiful apple tree! What a scene it creates.

I am trying to imagine 4F...

Loree / danger garden

I was thinking happy thoughts about the stately tree until BAM! You hit me upside the head with that 4 degree thing. Yuck. I grew up with lows regularly in the negative numbers (and have seen it as low as 12 degrees here in my garden) but I hope to not see 4 anytime again soon.

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