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Thursday, January 05, 2017


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Cindy at enclos*ure

I love the one with the yellow caps!

I need to look for pots of forced snowdrops in the next couple of weeks -- otherwise I may resort to many pieces of cake.

Lisa at Greenbow

They are all quite beautiful but the yellow one, Primrose Warburg, is definitely worth what ever you paid. It is so unusual.

Loree / danger garden

Years ago, I attended a small private talk by John Grimshaw, "Mr Snowdrop" (I just made that up, I doubt he'd appreciate the name). It was interesting to see someone be so enthralled by the tiny details of these tiny flowers. Congrats on your new garden additions!

Linda from Each Little World

​Loree — I have to admit my Galanthus 'Magnet' is noticeably different which helped to convince me to try some of these others. I figure that yellow will make these obviously different as well. Plus they are all small enough to squeeze into a full garden!


Wow, I love those yellows. I think you'll be very happy with your purchases and I know Carolyn sends nice plants.
I may have made a few pricey purchases as well. What better way to get through the winter!


They are absolutely beautiful, and say Spring! Spring! Spring! Thanks for the informative post!

Gone Tropical

Glad to have stumbled across your blog :-) I love snowdrops and miss them greatly living in Florida. I never knew there is a yellow variety, looks lovely!


Isn't retail therapy grand? You got some beauties.

Linda from Each Little World

​Peter — Online shopping is the best and worst invention ever!

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