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Thursday, January 12, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

I would love to spend a January in your library.


Happy reading and thanks for the introduction to this publisher/interesting titles!

Barbara H.

There's nothing quite like spending time reading good books when it's so much nicer being inside rather than outside. Good for you for treating yourself. Enjoy!

Linda from Each Little World

​Barbara — It's alternating between snow and freezing rain. Our driveway is a sheet of ice now covered with snow making it even more dangerous. We are both ensconced indoors with piles of books with cups of coffee at the ready!​

Susan Adler Sobol

Did I miss something? You are going to share your choices, aren't you? I'll be waiting! Susan

Beth @ PlantPostings

Good for you! We've been married about the same amount of time, and we often set aside funds for a common gift or a trip instead of buying each other "stuff." Your personal choices seem like wise choices. Reading and crocheting are my favorite pastimes when I can't garden. I can't decide if we're having a difficult winter or a normal one. It seems weird because it came on suddenly and we had some brutal cold snaps. But then we've had pretty "typical" S. WI winter weather for most of the days. Today is gray. Hopefully the sun will be brighter tomorrow.

Linda from Each Little World

Beth — ​I agree with you about the weather. Last winter was atypical but this is probably more normal even if I am not crazy about it. And now rain and much warmer temps — January thaw!​

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