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Monday, January 23, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Such sweet blooms. Pink is perfect for this day or anytime really.

Eliza Waters

It was an amazing worldwide event and I am proud of the love and positive vibe demonstrated throughout the world. Hopefully, the message was received! ;)
I'm glad you shared your pink primrose and LOVE signs, very apropos. That species of primrose was the first plant I ever bought on a wintry day in Maine (I must have been 15, I think) so seeing it brings fond memories!


Yes, the flowers and pot were so fitting for what will be a most a most memorable occasion - thanks for thinking of it and sharing it with us


Sweet! Added plus, you're prepared for Valentine's Day already.


Well done for marching!

Loree / danger garden

Perfect! As are the additions of the LOVE squares.

Kris P

I went pink too! Kudos to you for marching in what I'm sure was more difficult weather than we faced in Los Angeles - we were lucky to have a one-day break in the rain.

Amelia Grant

Beautiful, Thank you for marching, hope you had a nice pink hat!

Quirky Bird Gardener

Gorgeous wee primula, it's so lovely to see some bright colour at this time of year


Great to celebrate such a day, what a wonderful atmosphere of solidarity. Well done for joining in.


Glad you were able to join the march. gladdened my heart to see the strong turnout. The primrose is full of promise.

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