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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

It is always reassuring to read that someone else is keeping records in more than one journal for their garden. I actually keep three. One is a ring binder that holds all the plants that are in the garden, I keep a 10year diary that has 4 lines for each day of the year, and a 5x7 sketchbook for all the details and muses. That sketchbook is all over the place with the garden. I have a ribbon bookmark that has several ribbons that keep place for the thoughts, chores and plant tags I keep in the back. This time of year these books get a lot of attention. When the growing season begins not as much. I think of the blog more as a show and tell communication with other gardeners. I rarely look back there. My garden journals are well used though. My poor computer is crammed with photos of areas. A lot of repetition, yet I like to look at it all. There might be a slight nuance when look at things repeatedly that you don't see at first glance. Maybe I am a bit obsessive. Hmmmmmm

rusty duck

I should take a leaf out of your book. I'm hopeless at record keeping, beyond what is on the blog. That is becoming a really useful resource though, especially as I now have over 4 years history to draw upon.

Barbara H.

Oh, Linda, you always impress me with your perseverance at record keeping. I start, stop, think about starting again and it all fades into a mess in my "office". You are inspiring me to get busy once again to pull what I have into better shape. Thanks - I think.

Linda Brazill

Jessica/Ducky — I want to invite some friends over this spring to look at my woodland peonies and i have been using blog posts to see when they have been blooming for the last few years to help me pick a "viewing" date.


Hello there fellow garden nut ?
I used to be very specific with my garden records all the way back from 2004 .. but never as detailed as you are, that is amazing !
I kept plant tags from way back then as well but have been bitten by the Zen bug and decluttered my office and closet were beginning bulge out?LOL
I have a long raised bed by the house full of hellebore and yes they are such a reliable plant throughout the whole season, the foliage is wonderful even when the flowers are done.
The weather however is so unreliable now it is scary so I never actually believe the forecast!
I hope not to lose any favorite plants this year ..and guessing what is and is not available at the garden centers .. well, I count on my plant order for the special ones I would like to try or restock.
Thanks for dropping by !

Linda Brazill

Lisa — I think if you garden seriously as we do, then you are obsessive to start with. It takes energy and devotion to garden over the long term. I love being able to look back.

Linda Brazill

Barbara — I am an inevitable list maker which helps. I think part of it also is that all the first garden books I read were from the UK and it seemed like that was what gardeners did!

Loree / danger garden

I wish I were as thorough as you are! My blog, the just begun "weather diary" at the end of each post, and a collection of notebooks with plant labels taped in them, are all I can manage!

(p.s. love the new comment thread worked!)

Loree / danger garden

Hmmm...I commented and praised the new comment thread look...but my comment has disappeared?

Linda Brazill

Loree — I have to publish the comments, so I assume that's what happened.

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