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Sunday, February 05, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Nothing seems amiss as to my comments.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for letting me know. Mark tried commenting from his laptop, but it knew we were linked so it accepted it as a comment from me which is no help!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Hi Linda: This is an experiment. Hopefully, it will work. Cheers! Beth

Loree / danger garden

I think that why I've been confused is that usually when the author has to approve comments you get a little pop-up message after you hit publish (like on my blog, hopefully) that tells you so. Nothing happens after I hit publish on your blog now, so the first couple of times it's thrown me.

Linda Brazill

If you hit preview you should be able to see your comment and then you can hit post.

rusty duck

No probs here. I just get a message saying comments are held for moderation, or something like that, as I always have.

rusty duck

Actually that time I didn't.. comment did just disappear.

Amelia Grant

Well, love the hat

Linda Brazill

Of course, I am looking everywhere trying to figure out how to add a message about the comments needing to be OK'd by me. Still can't figure out how or where to make that happen.

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