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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Isn't that the truth. What time of year is it really? This beautiful hellebore is giving it's vote.


As the Chicago song asks, does anybody really know what time it is?
With sweet blooms like this, does anybody really care? Spring is just around the corner!

Loree / danger garden

I had one bloom last fall, that has always bloomed in the spring. I was worried. I do see little buds about to break the surface though...

rusty duck

I would cherish it whenever it blooms. A real beauty.


My Hellebore niger 'Joseph Lemper' is also in bloom, the buds held through the winter under the snow.

Linda Brazill

John — That's what I assume my buds did as well. Pretty amazing when you think of the weather we've had for all these weeks with such cold and snow.


Hiya Linda,
Have you tried H. Potters' Wheel?
I prefer it to the plain H. niger. It has been faithful for about ten years. I'll put up a picture on my post for Cathy's In a vase next week.


Linda, know what? All these years that I have passed by your blog, the title registered in my head as : Each little word. Silly. :-)

Linda Brazill

I have not tried H. 'Potters' Wheel.' Will look for it on your post next time.

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