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Monday, February 27, 2017


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Good morning Linda - first of all: I put up images of the Hellebore I mentioned before. It is in the vase post. Come take a look.

I love withered as a true haiku writer should :-)

These are really good in their own decaying tight. And they willl last and last.
I sometimes take before and after shots, and usually prefer the latter.

Lisa at Greenbow

Ha, I am not so patient regarding dried up flowers in a vase. Out they go... Happy Monday.
P.S. I just wish I could grow Bergenia.


Oh yes, that twisted fern is lovely - and the wall vase is ideal for this sort of arrangement. Tell me though, have you picked and stored these dried heads, or have they come straight from the garden? Thanks for sharing - it's so good to demonstrate that vases need not always have living material in them

Loree / danger garden

Lovely, especially against the blue wall. I dried the anthurium from my anniversary bouquet and it's fabulous! (posted on Instagram, if you're curious)

Amelia Grant

That is interesting and I love the vase, I watch flowers dry up as well - surprisingly some of the Bromeliad flower dry really well but don't hold their color. I also wish I could grow Bergenia

Kris P

As usual, you make-do beautifully, Linda! Your dried flower and foliage arrangement is both artistic and a wonderful quasi-scientific study. Your reference to 16F makes me feel silly about complaining about our 50F temperatures - that must be balmy in your estimation! Stay warm.

Linda Brazill

These were all picked last fall (Sept. - Nov.) and put in the vase. I just kept adding every time I found something else I liked. And we have head 35 inches of snow so far (88.9 cm.) so everything is pretty much flattened in the garden right now.

Linda Brazill

45 degrees out today but for the next ten days it looks like it will go back and forth between low 50s and mid 30s which is very frustrating. Always dressed in too much or too little every time you leave the house!

Linda Brazill

I am finding rabbits or someone eating Bergenia leaves off and on all season. I also rarely have them flower. I will never have a big patch of them the way I see them in English gardens.


That is a lovely arrangement Linda! I do hope spring returns soon - it can be so fickle! ;-)


Even in death, plants bring grace and beauty. Of course, the skill of the arranger highlights this quite well. Come on spring, spring already!

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