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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Every time you post the plants you are getting I have a outburst of plant envy. You always find the most interesting plants. I love primroses but they don't grow here. Too hot and dry during summer.

Linda Brazill

This early spring weather and heat makes me nervous about what kind of summer we may have. We're going to drop down for a day or two but still above normal. But rain is coming. A dry, hot summer will make many of my plants deathly unhappy!

Barbara H.

White Pearl takes the cake for me, though all your choices look really, really nice. Yes, summer is kind of a scary thought this year. We are continuing with a very early spring and temps are into 70s many days.


More fun choices for your garden. At this time of year, it's difficult (for me) at the nurseries not to fill my cart with hellebores as they bloom at times when little else is happening and are so varied in flower color, shape, size, petal number, etc. (Not to mention interesting foliage.)

Linda Brazill

Could not resist that Hellebore. I have quite a few but none like that.

Linda Brazill

I'm getting a couple of Hellebores strictly for foliage from Pine Knot Farms. Two foetidus types and one whose leaves look like a cross between regular Hellebores and foetidus. They are terrific foliage plant here where we can't grow many of the things you can.

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