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Tuesday, February 07, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

OH gosh, My afternoon is shot after being down the rabbit holes of these two sites. Wow, such inspiration. FUN...
I just read a book by George Schenk _Moss Gardening_ I have all sorts of ideas floating around in my head. Come on spring.

Linda Brazill

I have that book and love it. We are not maintaining our big moss garden anymore. But we have lots of good patches of moss that just appear where conditions are what they like and those I am trying to keep looking good. I would like to try a trough of mosses.

Barbara H.

Oh gosh, so many options, so many things to do, so little time - and I'm retired! Maybe if I was still working I'd be more focused. Thanks for these trails to ideas for winter gardens.

Lisa at Greenbow

Yes, that is something on my list.

Linda Brazill

I do think it was easier to be focused when I was working. Knowing I had limited time helps you from wasting it. These days I seem to be in the middle of lots of unfinished projects!


Those big grasses are glorious in the winter garden and their movement in the wind is an added bonus! Can't wait to see which one you choose for your garden! Thanks for the links - all very interesting!

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