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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


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Barbara H.

Oh, Linda, these are lovely. What fun it must be to walk in your garden seeing them in bloom.

Linda Brazill

I am so looking forward to the moment that finally happens; most likely April and May.


Exciting that this is the year of the Daffodil! Yours are charming & I'm especially fond of Poets Daffodil. I inherited a few with this garden, they've bloomed reliably for the twenty years we've been here, and the scent is divine. I also like the screaming yellow early varieties blooming around town beneath pink-blossomed ornamental plum trees. The cheerful color is just the thing for eyes tired of gray skies and rain.

rusty duck

Beautiful. I inherited great swathes of the most searingly yellow, blowsiest daffodils on the planet and am gradually phasing them out in favour of the miniatures and the more discreet. The Pheasant's Eye is my favourite. Struggling to establish it though because the slugs like it too. Being later to emerge it is well into slug season.

Linda Brazill

Back in the 60s I had a favorite skirt striped in hot pink and yellow that i wore with a yellow top and hot pink shoes. Those were the days. Can't wear that combo any more and don't want much of it in the garden either!

Linda Brazill

I don't think I've ever had a problem with slugs and daffs but now you have me nervous!

Loree / danger garden

Now those are daffodils I can appreciate!

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Your daffs are so beautiful. Ordinarily I'm with you on the yellow daffodils. I have an issue with bright yellow in the garden to begin with (I blame it on a "coreopsis incident" when I first started), but there is something about the brightest yellow right at the beginning of daffodil season that I enjoy. We planted something like 450 daffodils last year, about half in a wooded area where we're hoping they will naturalize. I just bought a bunch of naturalizing mixes and I don't even recall what specifically was in them so it will be a bit of a surprise. The others were a pink mix for a specific area of the garden. Pink daffodils look somewhat unnatural to me, but I wanted pink for this area so we'll see how that turns out.

Lisa at Greenbow

A lovely lot of daffodils. I am always amazed that you know the names and backgrounds about your plants. I love the idea of 'Pheasant's Eye' as a description of a flower. I like those big fat yellow shouts of spring in my garden. I enjoy the surprised of seeing them when we drive down a country road and there is a flock of them in a pasture, along a bank telling the story of a farm that once graced an area.

Linda Brazill

If I think of them as a flock in a pasture, then somehow bright yellow seems the perfect color!

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