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Monday, March 13, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

I have seen these pink pussies for sale. I wondered if they were really pink. It would be fun to have a bouquet of them. Happy Monday.

Barbara H.

I'm so glad they've rooted for you. I think I told you I still have pussy willow stems I brought with me when I moved in 2007. They are pretty fragile by now. Maybe I need to go to a florist and look for some to buy so I can start over again. Thanks for the tip about getting the 'Mt. Aso' to dry pink.

Linda Brazill

The Vermont Willow Nursery has amazing willows if you are looking for anything unusual. That's where my friend got the pink variety. Here's a link:


What a nice gift from your neighbor. So nice to share garden treasures.

Barbara H.

What a wonderful and informative link - thanks, Linda! I'll have to do some thinking on this - willows can take over and/or get very big. And there is so much to choose from....


Oh lovely to be studying changes in the willow - and to have it rooting too, definitely a bonus! Thnaks for sharing with us too

Eliza Waters

I love pussytoes, such a tactile pleasure~ So glad they have rooted for you. A lasting gift from your friend!

Loree / danger garden

The curly willow branches in my Anniversary bouquet (from December) have rooted and sprouted leaves. Seems such a waste to just toss them...

Linda Brazill

We have a couple of varieties that we've managed to control but they can be invasive. I am thinking that I will cut this pink one back every spring so it stays relatively compact. That's assuming it takes root outdoors when I move it from the vase.

Kris P

Your post REALLY makes me want to try growing pussy willow...


Such soft and sweet little catkins! Glad that they rooted for you.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Beautiful! And your photos are lovely, too. What a sweet gift from your friend.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

I was so happy to see my Mt. Aso willows blooming a few weeks ago quite by surprise (mine, not theirs, I assume). I grew cuttings in pots last year and heeled the pots into the raised beds to give them a good start but I think this spring they'll be transplanted into permanent homes.

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