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Thursday, March 09, 2017


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Lots of great foliage/floral combinations make this garden at once visually stimulating and peaceful. This warm dry garden is just the thing for a gray, foggy, cold, drizzly March day! Thanks for the much-needed dose of vitamin D.

Loree / danger garden

Beautiful! I don't intentionally hold off on posting about places I visit, but sometimes they just back up. I still have several posts to do from a garden tour I was on last June...

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh my, that is near perfect! I wish I would have been along for that tour! I like everything about their garden--but especially the Hakone grass spilling out onto the pathway. I'm planning to add some to my garden this year, along the top of our stone wall.

Lisa at Greenbow

This is a garden full of texture. I love those big red dahlias. They do demand attention. I always envy those that can grow Japanese forest grass. Seeing it in such large swathes makes me green.

Linda Brazill

I have had good luck with Hakone grass but I have never put it across a path like that. I may have to figure out where I could do that.

Linda Brazill

Yes, great sense of texture in their garden and their plants all seemed happy and healthy.

rusty duck

Love the pink grass and helenium combo. It will be so good to see a garden in growth again. Thanks for the summertime reminder!

Barbara H.

What a lovely garden tour! I always envy those who have such dense plantings that all look extremely healthy. I like the idea of the homes and gardens edging the communal park. Thanks, Linda!

Skyler Walker

Lovely garden visit and lovely blog. The title "Each Little World" really speaks to me.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

That's a lovely garden. You don't happen to know what the plant with the dark foliage and the spikey red flowers on the right side of the path lined with Hakonechloa is do you?

Linda Brazill

i'm not sure what it is. Could be a red Astilbe or an annual. I will try to remember to ask them.

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