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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


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Loree / danger garden

What fun! I'm so glad you got a big of spring bling to enjoy. I hope they had as much fun putting this display together as it looks like they did.

Lisa at Greenbow

This is great. Wish I lived closer I would definitely go there. I love that table with the chairs in the water. It reminds me of those bars that resorts set up in their pools. That cake seems to be 'flowerless' as well as 'flourless'. ha.. very clever. Don't you just love seeing all of that flower COLOR. It makes one's hear soar.

Jane Miller

So sorry I will miss this but thanks for the great photos! The pool party is amazing.

Pat Leuchtman

I'm not making it to any big garden shows this year, but I did enjoy my jaunts to the Mount Holyoke College Spring Flower Show with lots of fragrant bulbs, primroses, blooming branches,etc. Just a delight. Smith College also has its annual Bulb Show which is a slightly bigger event but equally lovely.

Linda Brazill

Nothing helps me get through these last days of cold weather like a flower show. The ones you mentioned sound terrific. Lots of history behind those institutions.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Fun! I love the pool party. I need to get over there before the show ends. :)

Barbara H.

Oh my word, I have no words! Just amazing.


Hooray for an early taste of spring. The pool party is pretty amazing. Wonder how long it would last before things started getting green with algae and the chairs start rotting.

Linda Brazill

I figure just having them in water for the length of the show is probably fatal.

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