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Monday, March 20, 2017


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Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Happy Spring, Linda! Those snowdrops are lovely. Still no sign of mine. I wonder what happened to them? Things are ever so slowly starting to pop up in my very messy garden. Looking forward to enough sunny days in a row that I'll be able to get in the garden to do a little cleanup.

Barbara H.

Spring is here in Alabama, though lately we've had a few scattered nights of freezing temps, so things have slowed down a little. Every spring I realize I have no snowdrops but I don't seem to rectify that situation. On the plus side, I got a small cutting from a pussy willow at an estate sale last week. I'm hoping it roots for me.

Lisa at Greenbow

My black mondo grass doesn't go dormant unless it is a horrrible cold winter. I might just put some galanthus by it. Nice idea. Of course it will be some time before ferns begin to come up. All except the autumn fern actually still has some fronds. They look battered. I will cut them back. Have fun in your garden. Happy Spring.

Linda Brazill

Very messy in my garden as well. Worked about 5 hours today but only I can see the difference!

Linda Brazill

I can't wait to see if my willows will root.

Linda Brazill

Alas, I can't grow the black version of mondo grass which is so cool looking. My autumn fern has fronds that are still green and not too bad looking so maybe I should plant some snowdrops near it. Better than bare dirt!


An inspired idea to combine snowdrops with other plants with a similar bloom time. Pretty pictures!

Beth @ PlantPostings

I'm starting to see little Tommies popping up here and there and a few Snowdrops. The Hellebores have been ready to bloom for weeks and the Daffodils are in a holding pattern. Each week, the forecast seems a little springier. Soon, very soon! :)

Linda Brazill

Same here. Spring is such a tease in our part of the world.

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