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Thursday, March 23, 2017


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Lots of exciting new growth to celebrate the new season. Look at you getting so much done in your garden already.


It is interesting that you cut the leaves from your hellebores. That is what they seem to recommend in England.I only have one and unfortunately it has been in a too shady location. I wonder if I too should cut leaves and with our southern climate, when. Will it make new leaves or is it too late? I remember those early days of spring. Such joy to see the first signs of regrowth. The best is yet to come.

Lisa at Greenbow

How exciting seeing Peony foliage popping up. My hellebores have been tremendous this year. I have only one of the newer varieties of hellebore which I purchased last summer. It was half eaten by a rabbit then the big freeze set it back. I don't think it will bloom this year. I just hope it lives. As my sister told doesn't all have to be done the first day out. ;)

Linda Brazill

I always cut the leaves just as the flower buds are showing and as the flowers start to fade the new leaves arrive.

Beth @ PlantPostings

I finally got around to clipping away the old Hellebore leaves today, and I raked away all the leaf mulch in the bed. Lo, and behold, I noticed some rather large Hellebore seedlings. Joy! I've had these clumps for years and years, so it's nice to finally see them filling out beyond the main plant a little more. Today was a beautiful day, with warmth, a few pollinators, and lots of beautiful birdsong. Enjoy your spring garden. :)

Linda Brazill

I had a morning and an afternoon meeting but in-between I cut back Epimedium foliage.You're right, it was lovely.


So nice to see all those healthy buds coming up. What a relief after all the cold and I hope it turns into a nice steady warmup rather than a string of ups and downs.
Today in spite of rain and cold I'm determined to get out there and brush the last of the snow aside and trim back the leaves on the few hellebores which have thawed out. It's time!

Linda Brazill

Last snow pile on the north side of the house melted Friday. Also First Hepatica blooming, apple tree pruned and the ducks have returned. I'm in heaven.

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