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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

I am always amazed and admire how you can so eloquently express yourself. When you can't you seem to find other ways to do so.

Linda Brazill

I guess you could also take this as talking about hope for folks in the hospital, but it seemed like such an apt message for the moment. Got teary-eyed reading it and remembering Bobby Kennedy.

Barbara H.

Clicking on the picture to enlarge it really drew me in to the glass art as well as the words. Taking flight took on new meaning.

Loree / danger garden

Thank you for sharing this. Definitely words to live by...

Beth @ PlantPostings

The etched glass pieces are stunning. And I agree--the Kennedy quote that accompanies them is powerful.


Such a powerful quote, and certainly relevant for today.


Relieved to hear that you were at the hospital for non-health reasons. Powerful words. Never ceases to amaze me what humans can create with things as simple as a few letters, a slab of glass, and a bit of sand.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Words like that make me feel a little better during some of these dark days. I love that artwork as well.

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