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Friday, April 07, 2017


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Susan Adler Sobol

I have several sheets of these stashed away where my husband can't find them and use them indiscriminately!

Lisa at Greenbow

Beautiful fabrics, I mean stamps.

Barbara H.

Lovely stamps and from the little I know of him a lovely man.

Jane Miller

Thanks for the heads up on these gorgeous stamps. I heard about them and now must hit up the post office. What a great gift idea as we are at the point where gifts should be consumable.

Linda Brazill





I love these. I just made a trip to the post office a week ago to get the JFK stamps before they were out. Now I have to head back, because these are gorgeous.

Linda Brazill

My sister also included a sheet of JFK stamps. I was a teenager when he was assassinated. Seeing the stamps made me a bit weepy at the memories.

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