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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Yes, I love this plant. I tried one, now I am ready to plant some more.

Linda Brazill

Mine looks pretty good all season. Periodically I have to prune out branches and leaves that fade, but it never goes away and leaves me with a big empty hole!

Barbara H.

I've never seen that plant, so thanks for the introduction! I'll have to see if it will work in my garden.

Barbara H.

Oh, I see - Bleeding Heart. The regular ones haven't done so well in my garden, but this one makes me think it might be worth trying again.

Linda Brazill

There is also a variety called 'Valentine' that has flowers that are a deeper red rather than pink.

Beth @ PlantPostings

That IS a pretty one! I haven't seen my Bleeding Heart plants yet, but they're surrounded by ground covers so maybe I need to look closer. Usually when they start emerging it's the end of the hard freezes. Yay!

Linda Brazill

I covered one of my woodland Peonies last night as it is up a foot and fully budded. The forecast was for an overnight low of 34 but it was 30 degrees when I got up at 6:30 this morning — in the city! Hope that's the end of it.


It's a beauty! Mine is growing in shade and doesn't look as nice as yours so perhaps it's time for a move.

rusty duck

Love the colours of that foliage. The blooms are almost unnecessary.

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