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Sunday, April 16, 2017


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Loree / danger garden

Excellent! All wonderful foliage examples, I love the mottled and dark and agree the Allium does look a lot like Veratrum.

Lisa at Greenbow

I believe your trillium are ahead of mine. Odd isn't it. Bloody dock is too close to the weed dock that I have to try to keep out of my garden for me to appreciate. This one at least has those beautiful leaves. Lots of pretty foliage in your garden now. So very encouraging.

Linda Brazill

Warm sunny weather has finally given things the boost they need.


How lucky that your trillium seeds all over your garden. Fell in love with Rumex sanguineus at first sight several years ago. It has a tendency to spread around a lot here & I now wonder if Bloody Dock has a dual meaning. "That Boody Dock is popping up in the lawn again." Fortunately it doesn't mind being mowed.

Linda Brazill

My Bloody Dock seeds but only a bit so far. I usually can just pull out the seedlings as they are so recognizable at the smallest stage.

Kris P

Beautiful spring foliage, Linda! And, with the possible expection of the Geranium and the Arum, impossible to grow in my own area. I've always coveted Trillium.


Seems you have a green and burgundy foliage theme going on. I like it!

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