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Monday, April 10, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

I just love all of those dark rich colors of hellebores. Those first flowers of spring. So uplifting. They draw us out of the house again and again.


'Mardi Gras Black' is captivating. Hellebores are something I appreciate more and more each year.

Linda Brazill

It is so amazing to see such big dramatic flowers so early in the season.


Now that's an interesting observation, Linda - which would mean cutting old leaves off really woud make a difference. I am glad you are finally having the pleasure of some hellebore blooms - who needs a vase!


Hellebores are a sweet harbinger of the parade of blooms to come! These are lovely.

Loree / danger garden

They're both lovely! I still haven't gotten my "new this year" Hellebores in the ground....

Kris P

I like to see "vases" redefined in this way! The dark hellebore is drool-worthy in any setting. Hellebore blooms in my garden are still rare enough that I haven't been able to bring myself to cut one.

Linda Brazill

I have enough blooms that I don't mind cutting them, but they can be difficult to use well in a vase since they hang their heads down. A couple of my favorites that are doubles are having trouble holding their heads up in the garden.

Cathy Thompson

How refreshingly different! And interesting what you say about the sun. I must look more closely next year. Thanks for your lovely hellebores - I'm sure you are now enjoying them fully!

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