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Tuesday, April 04, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Have you grown any of the peonies that have those deep dark leaves? I saw one in a nursery not long ago. I didn't buy it but am still thinking about it. I might have to go back and get it. I don't grow many peonies, I have one tree variety, but I do love those blooms. With that dark colored leaf I might be won over.

Linda Brazill

Those are my peonies in the picture. I also grow one with quite bronzy leaves, though they eventually turn green. I have a new one that I planted last year that I don't remember if it has unusual leaves. I grow woodland/species Peonies because they can take some shade.

Loree / danger garden

I think reading your review was possibly as rewarding as reading the book might be!

Barbara H.

It sounds like a wonderful book. I'm drowning in books and need to start thinning the collection. I'm happy to keep reading your reviews, though - they are always enlightening.

Linda Brazill

You might be right. A fun read, if dated.


I didn't think 1990 was that long ago until you pointed out it's been 30 years.... hmmmm
You don't happen to grow P. caucasica do you? Although my garden is not exactly woodland plant friendly I feel like I owe it to horticulture to try one or two of the species ;)

Linda Brazill

Frank, I do not grow P. caucasica and am not familiar with it. Somewhere I ran across an article saying there were around 60 species Peonies, so it's not surprising that I don't know it.

Most of my species/woodland Peonies get morning sun and some afternoon shade. These are the ones I am growing.

P. corsica (russoi)
P. japonica
P. ludlowii
P. mairei
P. mlokosewitschii
P. obvata var. alba (my favorite so far)
P. obvata willamottiae
P. vetchii

Beth @ PlantPostings

Thanks for the recommendations! I wasn't familiar with either of them, but will add them to the "research" list. One can never have too many garden books, but I seriously need my own book shelves just for my garden books. I was looking through some the other day that I'd forgotten I had. Time for some quality time with my nose in some books (if I can find time away from the gardening with the warmer weather ahead). Your peonies must be a beautiful sight to see when they all bloom. Are they somewhat staggered?

Linda Brazill

I usually have at least three woodland peonies blooming together, followed by garden peonies, tree and then Itoh.

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