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Monday, May 08, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

It is a beauty despite its delicacy. Happy IAVOM.

Loree / danger garden

That's just beautiful, no matter where you place it or if the petals are on, or off.


Oh what a delicate story it tells - thanks for sharing the peony and the story with us, Linda


The way the petal in the second picture echoes the shape of the lichens on the rock is perfect. Exquisite in it's simple elegance. Silky petals fell faster than a prom dress.

Kris P

Peonies are beautiful even in disarray. I so wish I could get them to bloom for me. I once planted a herbaceous peony and tried to simulate winter for its benefit with regular application of ice cubes around its base. Needless to say, my effort was unsuccessful! My Itoh peony is still alive but resolutely refuses to bloom.


Beautiful in all its stages.

Linda Brazill

I love your way with words!

Eliza Waters

I agree, there's beauty in all stages!


The ephemeral quality of so many of our bouquets makes them even more special, don't you think? That is a stunning peony and now you have the photos to capture the moment of perfection.

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