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Monday, May 29, 2017


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I am glad to hear that your alliums have reappeared - they are such stalwarts here and thhey work so well with your aquilegia and geranium. Thanks for sharing

Lisa at Greenbow

A pretty vase full of flowers even if you think them somber.

Loree / danger garden

Beautiful colors, and indeed this holiday is a clash of meanings. Andrew and I were walking to lunch yesterday when someone wished us a "happy Memorial Day!" a big jolly tone. It startled me and seemed so wrong. Yet how can you fault someone for greeting strangers with a positive wish?

Oh, and I enjoyed Panayoti's look at your garden!

Kris P

Your vase does a nice job of striking the balance between the somber fact of the holiday's purpose and the light heart with which it's embraced as the start of the summer season, Linda. How nice that the Alliums reappeared with the addition of some sun. I just planted a Geranium phaeum of my own last week - my fingers are crossed that it survives our summer heat.


Beautifully arranged and said as always, my friend.

Linda Brazill

Just decided I'd worked long enough in the garden and came in for some coffee. I've barely been online all weekend; taking a vacation from everything but gardening.

Eliza Waters

It is a rather somber holiday and its been raining all day here adding to the feeling. I think your dark and lovely flowers give grace to this day!

Barbara H.

Thank you, Loree, for including this link. How interesting to see Linda and Mark's garden through someone else's eyes. I almost didn't recognize parts of it. And thank you, Linda, for expressing so well the contradictions of this holiday (I know, I'm a day late - story of my life lately).

Linda Brazill

I never posted my vase until midday Monday. After I went and made a bouquet I forgot all about it. I know what you mean about a day late. I think that is what happens when the weather gets nice. Too much to keep up with.

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