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Thursday, May 11, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

I love these spring ephemerals. I don't remember ever seeing the yellow trillium. I should source it out.

Barbara H.

How lucky you are to have so many happy trilliums. I planted one that was very small when it appeared and stayed small. I don't think it came back this year.


Trillium are such delightful plants and you've got some very happy and beautiful examples! Thanks for the information about dividing them as I have one that has increased quite a bit over the years and I'd hate to lose it.

Linda Brazill

I love the yellow one but it has grown so slowly that I finally bought another plant and added it nearby but it is still not much of a clump compared to my other Trilliums. I should maybe move the 2nd one as it may be the soil or low light where they are currently growing.

Beth @ PlantPostings

You have quite a collection and variety of Trilliums! I agree that it's been a good year for them. The ones we have here are naturally occurring, so I've never moved or added new ones. They seem to move and self-seed over time as they would in a natural woodland, with help from the critters. There's really something special about Trilliums!


That's a wonderful patch of the white Trillium. The Trillium luteum is very attractive.

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