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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Yes, if you have fond memories of your childhood place or any place I wouldn't visit it either. You wouldn't want to cloud those memories. I am amazed that you can remember so many details of your youth. I don't remember so much.

Linda Brazill

Some I truly remember like what our clothes were like. But others I really only know the photo. So I know we rode our bikes on that porch because there is a picture of us doing so. But I don't actually remember doing it.

Rae Kaiser

Love your dresses. I remember my entire first grade wardrobe. I grew up in a very small town in central Wisconsin. My parents went to Marshal Fields in Milwaukee to buy my first grade wardrobe. This was a very big deal. My parents were not wealthy so this is surprising to look back on. My favorite dress was a red men's shirt with a red man's plaid tie, and a matching flared shirt. What a dress. My Dad would tie the tie.

Linda Brazill

My mom made a lot of our clothes as well as adding embroidery details. I wonder if all women know what they wore when. I only wish I had taken pictures of all my great 1960s clothes. And that outfit sounds so "you."

Barbara H.

Oh gosh, Linda, you took me right back into my own childhood memories, including the dresses. The house where we lived from my kindergarten year through my high school junior year still looks much the same but the yard - oh the yard has changed. It had lots of oak trees which meant lots of leaves and acorns in the fall. We raked the leaves into outlines of rooms for our "houses" and used the acorns, etc. for our dishes. Those trees are all gone - sad to see but they would have been huge by now and a definite hazard in a midwest storm.


So many fond memories of how things were. I can't even remember what I wore last week.

Susan Adler Sobol

What an enjoyable post. I remember as a child visiting the Brooklyn, NY neighborhood my mother grew up in. She became so upset by how it had changed. Her emotions were overwhelming. Susan

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