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Monday, June 26, 2017


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Cindy at enclos*ure

I really love the repetition of checks on the book cover.

Linda Brazill

I like that checkered cover space as well but he did a blue and white kitchen that had so much pattern it made me dizzy.


Yes, it used to surprise me how attractive a teeny tiny vase was - just as pleasurable as a big one. I am still a bit slow at having them around the house though - it tends to be when there are off cuts, although I now have several little pots of sweet peas after yesterday! Your clematis vase in particular is very striking - thanks for sharing, Linda

Barbara H.

Lovely, Linda. I've not heard of him but you've clearly gained inspiration from his book.

Leanne Conrad

I love all three vases! The book looks very interesting as well.


Well done! You'd make Roger proud.


What a lovely use for such a family heirloom, and how nice to bring something so simple as thyme indoors to enjoy. I bet the smell is delightful.

Lisa at Greenbow

Very artsy that tiny vase is.
Very sweet having something in Mark's childhood mug. I am amazed that you/he still have it after all this time. ;)

Linda Brazill

I don't think it is surprising that a woman might have an item from childhood like that. But for a guy to have it seems unusual to me. But he tends to hang onto special things.

Loree / danger garden

Love the clematis with the trailing foliage. My baby cup (silver, but no engraving) is in our bathroom cabinet and holds Qtips...

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