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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


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There simply isn't enough space in the ground to plant all that we want to grow! Pots to the rescue. I revisited the nursery with 'Bunny Blue' and brought a couple home thinking of you. I'm always looking for something that'll grow in fairly deep shade but after your warning, They'll be growing in pots.

Lisa at Greenbow

It is difficult to take a picture of a small tree in a pot. I have one in a pot too and have tried to get a picture of it. Your picture isn't bad at all. I like the grouping by the door. I love the look that CHristopher Lloyd did with one plant per pot. It appears as a whole garden. Don't the plants look happy! Come on Mark, let her go wild one summer. ;) Self seeding fern?? What fun.

Linda Brazill

It's the inflorescence/seed heads that you have to watch. I pull them out when they are still grassy and not yet seeds. Of course, that way you don't get those waving seed heads but you don't get babies either!


Wow, I love the ferns you have planted in the rock by your door. A maidenhair fern at that, some day I dream of finding a spot where one will be happy here!
I love the stonework in your garden.

Linda Brazill

I am also amazed at how well that Maidenhair fern has settled into the rock. I am not watering it so it must get what it needs. I am lucky that Maidenhair ferns (and the Maidenhair venustum variety) grow really well here. I am using it as a ground cover in a couple of spots.

Loree / danger garden

Love your mini-Christopher Lloyd display!

Linda Brazill

The head of Rotary Gardens not far from here, worked at Great Dixter as part of their volunteer crews. He described how they do those front door displays and it is nothing any of us will ever be able to accomplish on our own in our home gardens!

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