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Friday, July 28, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Lush, luxurious, what a difference rain makes.
Those darned rabbits. Geez... They ate some of my asters. I didn't know they ate asters. A first here.


Your garden is so full and green! Silly rabbit, gardens are for eating, not napping. I'm sure you could shoehorn in more plants. Visiting local nurseries is even better because it makes impulse buys even easier. Have you considered a large accent rock for the bunny bed area? If placed just right, you could have dinner and ornamentation at the same time. (Two birds, one stone and all) ;)

Loree / danger garden

Lush really is the perfect word. I'd be so crabby if we were getting the rain you are. Summer is dry here (day 40 with no precipitation), while some of my plants would certainly be happier with a little moisture from the sky I love the continuous blue with the occasional fluffy cloud...

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

It's looking amazing! My thalictrum flopped too ... a shame but it's still pretty.


Such lushness is a sight for sore eyes. My garden wouldn't complain if it got a little liquid refreshment. I clearly spent too much of my youth complaining about too much rain.

Beth @ PlantPostings

It does look lush! Mine is looking OK, too, except for the plants the baby rabbits chewed on (even though I had caging and lava rocks to discourage them). 'Rocket' Ligularia has always been a standout this time of year. It's bloomed every summer in July since we moved here in 1999. Beautiful photos, Linda!

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