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Friday, July 21, 2017


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Helen at Toronto Gardens

We've had very wet weather this year, too, but thankfully no tornados (at least, not in Toronto). Be safe! Your lilies look lush, upright or no.

Linda Brazill

The rain has made for a very lush garden and I guess too much rain is better than too little. We've had some water in the basement but not a crisis, so that's good.

Lisa at Greenbow

Good thing you had on black. That pollen would have ruined a lighter color of top. I have had that happen to me too many times. Yep, taller stakes are in order. I am glad you didn't have a tornado. The Moss and lichen looks great! That astilbe looks good too.

Linda Brazill

According to National Weather Service date Dane county (where Madison is located) has had 75 tornadoes between 1844 and 2010) though the data seems a bit confusing to me. Though Wisconsin is not really in the national “Tornado Alley” we do live in a part of the state that gets more than its fair share. We have had destructive touchdowns within a couple of miles of our house at least twice in the 20 years we’ve lived here.

Luckily I was wearing my grubby clothes. I used a wash cloth and back brush in the shower and still had some on me when I was done!


Yep, having tall plants go horizontal on you are one of the great irritations of too much rain, along with flooded basements. We're supposed to get about 2.5 inches tonight.

Phillip Oliver

I do not miss the tornadoes but I am missing the rain right now.

Barbara H.

I recognize those pollen marks! I had some just the other day. I'm so sorry your weather is being kind of wild. Aren't basements wonderful? That's one of the things I really miss about the old Portland house. Here, where I really need it, I don't have it. Stay safe.


Haha, that pollen is deadly!
Glad you made it through the latest round relatively unscathed. Still better than drought is what I like to tell myself.


Your moss garden is beautiful. I can understand why you take those storm warnings seriously. Our home was hit by lightening in St Louis and that event has left me scarred for life. I will never underestimate the power of nature. Hope the weather lifts soon so you can enjoy your lovely lush garden.


Ha! On the souvenirs. Yes, the pollen is ferocious! I'm so glad you're ok after the storms, and that you got rain. I could use some rain right now. In Oklahoma, we're just super hot. I am sick of it. I do love lilies. Since mine are about through, I'll enjoy yours. ~~Dee


Listening to some fierce thunder as I read your post Linda. Hope the rest of your summer rain is gentle, nourishing and pleasant. Disappointing to have this flowers topple.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Your header is perfect: Enough already! I feel the same way. Interestingly, some of the plants that were nearly horizontal a couple of days ago got hit by winds from the other direction today, and now they're upright. Craziness. Sounds like the forecast for the next week, anyway, is a little tamer.

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