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Friday, July 07, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

I love the look of all of those evergreen balls and squares. Yews are mighty growers. Can't imagine trying to keep them in control. I love to see yews in a space where they can flounce. It doesn't look near as neat and tidy but it suits my eye. A boxwood with babies? I didn't know they did that. I will be on the lookout. Those tiny boxwoods are something else I was not aware of. Fun to see. Don't work too hard.

Pat Leuchtman

I love your trim greenery, but I'm awfully glad I don't have to do any real trimming myself. Your garden is a beauty.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Very nice! I thought I was done trimming for a while, but we had a big event in the woods last night. Two of our neighbors' large oaks came down in the storm (actually, there were large branches from various trees all over the back yard, and the sound of chainsaws was filling the neighborhood this afternoon). The big trees took down some of our smaller trees, and really opened up the canopy on the southwest side of the property. I'm still feeling a little unsettled, and we have a lot of clean-up to do tomorrow. Over time, having a little more sun back there will be just fine, but it feels weird right now. I love your boxwoods in the pots!

Linda Brazill

We've lost a few trees to storms and it is always a shock. Also have had big changes in light from trees taken down on both sides of our house by neighbors. Nothing seems to stay the same for long.

rusty duck

I wish I'd opted for something dwarf for the low hedge I have around the lawn instead of the Lonicera nitida I had in abundance. It needs trimming every two weeks at this time of year! Low maintenance.. not!

Linda Brazill

Isn't that so often the way. The solution that is more economical turns out to have other issues like time involved pruning that you don't discover until you've already made the first decision.


50? I suddenly feel very lazy when I mumble about my short boxwood hedges.
Actually I don't mind the trimming, it's very satisfying when it's something which adds so much to the garden... which I THINK it does. I also like the contrast between the airier plantings and the tight boxwood.


I love the contrast between the clipped shrubs and the free forms of the other plants in your garden. Seems worth the once-a-year haircut!

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