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Monday, July 03, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

I think this turned out very nice. It reminds me of those little bouquets of flowers that my daughter brought to me in her little fist many years ago. The fern is quite a surprise. Happy IAVOM.

Jane Miller

What a perfect match, love this!!

Linda Brazill

Since I only used the tip of the fern frond it did not last long. When I pulled it out I realized that the arrangement really looked better without it.


A successful technique. This is lovely.


Well I'm impressed. What unusual flowers...LOVE Them !


I love it! If the flowers on the edge are resting their chins on the rim of the container, do they support the flowers in the middle? So pretty.

Loree / danger garden

And now whenever I see flowers cut low I will think of this post and the fact they're resting "their chins on the rim of the container."

Linda Brazill

I actually put a few Jp. black pebbles in the bottom of the cup so the flowers would have a bit of an anchor.


The astrantias are absolutely PERFECT in this cup and saucer - the colours and texture of the blooms complement them wonderfully. I can see what RBP means and certainly lopped a couple of inches from my stems to keep the bulk of them just above the edge of the vase. Thanks for sharing today, Linda

Linda Brazill

Isn't that phrase about "chins on the edge of the container" fabulous! I wrote that down years ago, always intending to use it in some written work and now I've finally followed his directions with flowers.

Linda Brazill

Thank you Cathy for starting this meme. What a boost it gives to our Mondays and our creativity!

Eliza Waters

So charming, Linda! This cup and saucer and astrantias were made for each other. :)


I really love this Linda! I am a great fan of Astrantias, and shown off in this way, in such a pretty teacup, is quite unique! :) (P.S. The fern looks a little like a teaspoon standing in your cup. 😉 )

Kris P

Perfection, Linda! Astrantia is another genus of plants on the long list I've tried and failed to grow. I just looked it up again and learned that it SHOULD grow here (as least according to the Sunset Western Garden Book) so perhaps I need to try them again. This main issue will probably be delivering adequate moisture.

Linda Brazill

I think you are right that moisture would be the big issue with Astrantias. I grew them in my first garden and didn't have much luck with them in this garden. A few years ago I decided to try again with Buckland and have been delighted with it. When I was digging out plants for our driveway project in 2015, I found a couple of tiny Astrantia seedlings that I've been growing since then. This year they finally bloomed which was quite exciting.

Beth @ PlantPostings

I absolutely love the way it looks, too! I've never had Astrantias in my garden, but I've always admired them. They work perfectly in that tea cup and saucer. Very nice!

Barbara H.

Well, you have a winner with this arrangement, Linda. I love it. Too bad the fern didn't last too long. I can see that it looks better without it but oh, I love the surprise of it. And the colors. Well done!

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