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Monday, July 24, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

It seems like a vase of fireworks, very exciting.


Your "trimmings" made a gorgeous arrangement. I like hostas but haven't grown them in years because of deer. Interestingly many of the Fling gardens had hostas.

Linda Brazill

Amazingly enough, this looks pretty good outdoors a week later after having been through a couple of big storms.

Linda Brazill

So far no deer here, at least more than the one time. But it appears two turkey families are roosting in the black walnuts in the yard behind us. Saw two moms and many babies walking through the garden last night. They don't eat the plants I've been told, but they don't know they are supposed to stay on the paths!


Oh how did your tour go, Linda? I am with you on hosta flowers, as I can see they are pretty but they do seem to detract from the foliage, especially when it is unnibbled! You have made good use of yours :)

Linda Brazill

My tour went well; only about a dozen people and they all walked around and asked questions.


It's certainly a good thing that your vase contents weren't thrown away as they make a grand statement in a vase! Well done as always.

Loree / danger garden

How fun that we both used the same title for our IAVOM posts today! Yours however is an actual arrangement, and it's lovely. I was about to snip off some offending Hosta blooms over the weekend, then I noticed the bumble bee who was enjoying them, thus they stayed.

(thank you for your kind remark on my post, re. my aesthetic choices being seamless)

Kris P

I'm always surprised at just how pretty Hosta flowers can be, especially massed as you've done here. Although I've a very long list of flowers I'd grow if my climate was less hot and dry, the list of foliage plants is much shorter but Hostas are right at the top of it.

Linda Brazill

It's not so much heat that bothers them as dryness. They do want moisture.


Unfortunately I deleted the comment you made on my post about Lytes Cary Manor, Linda. So pleased the picture of the Veronicastrum helped you. I look forward to seeing a stem or two in one of your lovely arrangements in due course.

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